General terms and conditions – July 2022

Please make sure you know about the plants before you order. For the majority of plants offered the best shipping time is September – November (autumn/fall in Germany). Lithops do a panic grow in a dark box during long travel in spring.


Cancelling an order

We usually start working on an order the day after we get it. Once we have started to dig out plants, an order can no longer be cancelled. So please make sure if you have ordered by mistake to cancel your order the same day you sent it off.

Shipping to countries outside the EU

Please inform yourself about the exemption limits, fees and taxes on import. The digital shipping data (addresses, content description, value of goods) will be transferred to Deutsche Post. On the box/consignment is the customs declaration label (CN22) and the detailed commercial invoice for the customs.

Phytosanitary certificate for the import/customs

A phytosanitary certificate (€ 30 fee) can be requested if required. The plant inspection takes place on Tuesdays. After receipt of the document by letter (after about 10 days) the consignment can be sent.