Payment options

Please do not pay in advance without being asked.
We only know the exactly postage costs after packing your order. Some plants may be sold out.

Make sure that we have no bank charges (fees) on recipient side. Please do not forget to add the invoice number as reference (see paper invoice) or name of the order recipient.

Please subtract dead or bad plants from invoice after receiving your order and return payment in Euro (€ = EUR, currency converter) as follows:

• SEPA bank transfer, bank wire (European Union)

IBAN: DE15576500100100061019
Recipient: Uwe Beyer
Reference: Invoice number or name, order date

• SWIFT international bank transfer, bank wire

Bank name:Kreissparkasse Mayen
Bank street:St. Veith-Str. 22-24
Bank city:56727 Mayen
Bank country:Germany
IBAN: DE15576500100100061019
Bank charges:Sender pays local bank fee + EUR 15 for recipient bank
Recipient name:Uwe Beyer
Recipient street:Netterhoefe 10
Recipient city:56729 Arft
Recipient country:  Germany
Reference:Invoice number or name, order date


Reference: Invoice number or name, order date
Please add the bank fee to invoice value!
European Union (EU): + 3% fee
Canada, USA: + 4% + € 0.50 fee
Asia, Europe without EU, …: + 5.5% + € 0.50 fee
Example for invoice value of 100 Euro.
European Union (EU):€ 100 × 1.03 = € 103 with bank fee
Canada, USA: € 100 × 1.04 + € 0.50 = € 104.50 with bank fee
China, South Korea, …: € 100 × 1.055 + € 0.50 = € 106 with bank fee

Wise (TransferWise) for international payments